Combining the caustic force of their penchant for heaviness with the indelibly enthusiastic and compelling nature of techno, the Bristol group craft an illusive and alluring personality, one that transcends the linear focus of identity for something more physical, tangible and unrestricted. Having made a reputable name for themselves with their incendiary live show, they crash into the world proper with their first single ‘Chamber’, an exuberant, foreboding and utterly defining single that will clothesline you into the abyss.


New York City’s The Wants strive to create their own vocabulary through a primal deconstruction of their influences—pushing in search of unfamiliar riffs, unfamiliar tones, and an unfamiliar use of language. Through all the proclamations, anxieties, and fears of making art, they ultimately want a beat that you can move to, maybe even share with the others on the dance floor. 


Tailor-made for fans of The Clash, the cathartic onslaught of ‘Employee Of The Month’ is the
latest in what is an increasingly exciting offering from the Glaswegian band. 

‘None are poised to breakout as explosively as this lot.’ – NME

‘Whilst most other bands and remnants of scenes are drowning in inadequacy, Rascalton and co have their feet firmly on dry land.’ – The Line Of Best Fit

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