The Wants announce debut-LP ‘Container’ alongside latest single

Pre-orders available now on Council Records' store

January 8th 2020 – New York City’s The Wants have today announced their debut, full-length LP, ‘Container’, set for release via Council Records on March 13th. Their latest single, ‘The Motor’ is available to stream now on all streaming platforms. 

The Wants’ debut full length ‘Container’ is a meticulously self-produced art pop record, combining elements of post-punk, synth pop, and minimal techno. Opener ‘Ramp’ is as pensive as they come, title track ‘Container’ a deadpan meditation bound by a winding low pulse, while – atop a synth pop rhythm track that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Depeche Mode record – Velding-VanDam’s earnest and deceptively disarming lyrics on recent single ‘Fear My Society’ tell the story of a man who realizes that the standards he lives by are no longer relevant. He feels alienated by the changing world and propagates the fears, principles, and rituals in which he feels he has irreversibly invested his life. 

As scrupulous in the conception of their music videos as they are their music, for the ‘Fear My Society’ video they travelled to Detroit, MI where Velding-VanDam spent his formative years. He was compelled to go there and film after a recent visit to Zug Island, an industrial park and coal mine right on the edge of the Detroit river. Departing from New York, he and photographer Madison Carroll spent time along Highway 80, between the Northeast and Midwest urban centres, drawn to these landscapes where vast expanses of land surrounding stretches of rest stops and motor inns were speckled with glowing houses in the eerily silent early hours of the morning. These landscapes were shattering to the highly curated inner world they had captured for tracks ‘Ape Trap’ and ‘Clearly a Crisis’, but inextricably linked. The isolation and economic dissolution of the midwest felt more genuinely relatable to native Velding-VanDam’s core than the gentrified hyper curated outer world of New York city. 

On latest single ‘The Motor’, Velding Van-Dam says, “The track was initially intended as an instrumental that we adapted over time to include vocals. Whenever we play live, ‘The Motor’ always seemed to be the track with the most immediacy, which inspired us to think further about how we could elevate the track to more than just a live instrumental. 

I first had the epiphany for the spoken word vocals that feature in ‘The Motor’ whilst rewatching the introduction to one of my favourite movies, David Lynch’s “Lost Highway”. In it, racing pavement reveals only level white dotted lines shrouded in darkness as David Bowie croons his sinister, 90s industrial art-rock masterpiece, “I’m Deranged”. Taking elements from this, alongside a general feeling of unstoppable locomotion, we arrived at something that captures a mood somewhere between Cybotron’s ‘Cosmic Cars’, Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’, and Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closer’.

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